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About Us

Our Story

For over 45 years our family and its group of businesses (Saltcor, Royal Salt, Salpura and African Salt Works) have been making salt that is essential in providing food and safe water to millions of people each and every day.

From humble beginnings, our business has grown significantly under the leadership of our founder and CEO, Donald Brown.

Guided by our Core Values of Passion, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination and Efficiency, our team of 400 employees take PRIDE in the fact that we are South African to our core and that salt we make holds such an important role in society.

Salt with a heart

Our family business has been going for over 45 years and this means we take a long term view when it comes to business. Not only do we put our customers’ needs first and treat our employees like family,  it is important for us that we make ‘Salt with a heart’.

This means caring for the environment, supporting communities and enriching the economy for the long term sustainability of all.

Caring for Communities

Salt holds a very important role in keeping us

  • Healthy as it provides essential minerals and trace elements in the diets of people and livestock
  • Fed as it is used as a preservative and flavouring in many everyday foods
  • Safe as it is used in water treatment processes
  • Equipped with everyday essentials as it is used in numerous manufacturing processes from textile dying to the production of various chemicals and detergents.

We are passionate about the good our salt can bring to the wider world, but first and foremost, we recognise that we could not do it without the employees that keep our operations running or our customers that choose to do business with us.

In everything we do, we put our customers’ needs first and treat our employees equally and like family.

Beyond our doors, we also believe in giving back and invest in projects that Care for the Community. 

In Harmony with Nature

Our salt is a natural gift of the earth; produced from sun, wind, water and earth. It is constantly regenerated because we work in harmony with nature to ensure we never take more than we need and help the environment to replenish what it needs.

Protecting the future of our planet also means continually working to improve our environmental performance. We have been reducing carbon emissions by adopting more renewable energy sources at our pans and increasing our transport efficiency through the use of distribution centres. We also ensure our salt pans can be managed in a way to better allow nature to flourish.

For example; Our salt pans on the West Coast are home to a vast array of rare and beautiful birds. We work in harmony with nature to ensure these birds continue to thrive, whilst people can enjoy the exceptional flavour of our West Coast Sea Salt.

Enriching the Economy

Our business plays a key role in supporting the economy from the sheer volume of products and services that rely on our salt. We are also the single largest non-agricultural employer in the Brandvlei area.

Beyond our doors, we also believe in giving back. We contribute to the local communities in which our salt is made through the support of local schools, public services, feeding and education programs. 

Proudly Members of the Donald Brown Group of Companies